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Welcome to CHUMSAI.TV!’s purpose is to provide a link directory of Free-to-air (FTA) Live Thai TV channels that are transmitted over HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

We partnered with Filmon to provide numerous multinational channels for expats, with additional contributions from user-submitted links continually being added to the directory.

Please note that does not host or broadcast any streams directly from our servers or network, and that streams are geo-blocked to viewers outside of Thailand by their respective provider.

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The Thai word chum·sai /choom-sahy/ has a literal translation ‘meeting of lines’, with the connotative meaning of a junction, a network, or to connect. was created with the goal to be the best user experience for watching live Thai and expat TV in Thailand that:

  • Works on any device
  • No need to install any apps
  • Consistent interface across all devices
  • Easy to share on Social Networks
  • Intuitive for everyone to use

We hope you enjoy watching, and thank you for sharing us!